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Executive Secretary

Ghana Green Label   |  Greater Accra Region



Preferred Years of Experience

10 - 15 years

Available Slots


Application Deadline

Dec 15, 2017

Job Description

Background and Rationale

The Ghana Green Label has evolved from an initiative started by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), working with GIZ and Ghana Standards Authority, along with other partners (including GhanaVeg, Christian Aid, Agro-Eco, the Food and Drug Authority, and Quin Organics) into a registered Foundation with its own Board of Directors. There is great interest in the Foundation and it is envisaged to grow to become a national mechanism for food safety and environmental sustainability in the domestic market for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as well as the baseline standard for exports.

The Foundation is now positioned to transition into a full national and private sector-led initiative for certification in Ghana. This transitional phase engaged the services of a certification consultant to guide the process until December 31, 2017. The Foundation now desires to engage a full-time Executive Secretary for the overall management of the Green Label Scheme effective 1 st January 2018.


Job Title: Executive Secretary


Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra



  • Reports to the Governing Board of the Ghana Green Label through the Chairman
  • Submit monthly time sheets
  • Quarterly management and financial reports
  • Annual reports


Job Summary

  • The responsible person will manage the functions of the secretariat and will assess and recommend trainers and auditors to various fruits and vegetables producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and exporters who sign onto the scheme. The secretariat will be the hub promoting green label and working with all stakeholders including, farmers, processors, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, consumers, media, auditors, trainers, Government, Development Partners, and all external organizations that have an interest or benefit from the Green Label Certification Scheme


Job Description

  • Manage the Ghana Green Label Secretariat
  • Market the Ghana Green Label
  • Facilitate training programs for all clients of the Green Label Scheme
  • Facilitate auditing programs for all clients of the Green Label Scheme
  • Facilitate the development of traceability and surveillance system for Green Label Certified produce
  • Issue and regulate certificates for Green Label produce
  • Supervise, coach and backstop other staff or personnel to be engaged by the secretariat
  • Raise funds for the Foundation
  • Provide and make accessible relevant information to all stakeholders
  • Manage and account for the finances of the Foundation

Main activities to be conducted shall include:

  • Proactively undertake and co-ordinate sensitization and promotional activities on Green Label
  • Identify and engage at most 3 certification bodies to perform green label audits
  • Recruit and manage relevant staff to perform functions of the secretariat
  • Brand and maintain firm control of all Green Label certified products, supported by frequent but also random spot checks to confirm compliance
  • Establish contracts and arrangements with market outlets for the scheme-3 Supermarket chain shops; 30 major shops; 300 minor shops; 3000 market stalls
  • Recruit at least 3 crop insurance organizations and 3 agricultural micro-credit organizations for the Ghana Green Label
  • Broker yearly contracts for green label products between producers and exporters
  • Raise Funds for the operations of the scheme
  • Any other related activities that will be assigned


Qualification and Requirements

  • A master’s degree in agribusiness, agricultural and / or food sciences, or related fields
  • At least 10 years of experience in the Ghanaian horticultural sector, with 5 years in management roles
  • Experience in coordinating and managing farmer associations
  • Marketing and promotion experience in a similar sector
  • Experience in organizing farmers and farmer groups for certification programs
  • Familiarity with GlobalGap, BRC, and similar food safety and standardization schemes
  • Computer skills in Microsoft office applications
  • Geographic Focus
  • The work of the Secretariat shall cover the whole country but would focus more on areas where it can benefit from synergies of partner organizations and established systems


Contractual Conditions:

  • Duration: 3 years. Renewable yearly

Condition of Renewal: 

  • Completion of at least 90% of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the year


  • Attractive and Negotiable


NB: Interested candidates should send a cover letter and a recent curriculum vitae. Only candidates with requisite experience will be contacted

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